April Fool’s Day 2015: Google introduces #ChromeSelfie

Early today, Google Chrome users found this unusual new feature…

chromeselfie april fools day 2015

Google introduces #ChromeSelfie to Chrome users: the ultimate social mood sharing tool!

Have you ever read an article that made your jaw drop or seen a funny clip that made you laugh until you cried? Now, #ChromeSelfie lets you show your friends exactly how you feel.

google chromeselfie

Check on Twitter the #ChromeSelfie hashtag for pranksters around the world.

[Source (seriously...): Chrome Blogspot]

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April Fool’s Day 2015: Google Maps turns into PacMan Arcade (no coins required)

It’s April Fool’s Day again!
Google turns its great Google Maps into a PacMan worldwide videogame.

pacman google maps april fools day

You’ll be able to run the Pac-character on your own streets avoing Pinky and most other evil ghosts – yes, that’s right: using your own city map!

Thanks Google!

Update for mobile users!
On Android devices, you’ll need to solve one of many riddles from a Google support page to find hidden Pac-Man pins at specific locations. Only then will you see a Pac-Man button that will allow you to play by swiping in different directions!

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Jurassic Park (and several other blockbusters) completely recreated with Lego by a dad and his daughter

lego jurassic park video Animator Paul Hollingsworth (with Digital Wizard Studios) and his daughter Hailee did something very weird, truly unusual and so cool!

Using some $100,000 of LEGO pieces, they digitally managed to recreate the 1993 dino-thriller Jurassic Park along several other video footage worth our time watching it.

Paul and Hailee were kind enough to share with us the behind the scenes details, some nice tricks about video shooting, compositing and good ol’ time frame-by-frame Lego animation.

I strongly advice you to check their Youtube Channel (DigitalWizardz) since it’s a feast for die-hard Lego fans around the world!

Don’t miss other movies like Lego Avengers (on Digital Wizard Studios):

Even Mashable reported about this cool video productions.

I’m a long-time Lego+stop motion fan… check my own weird experiment (back in 1980!):

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Pixels: an (awesome) upcoming movie about vintage gaming

You may already have seen this video, Pixels, released in 2010 by french director Patrick Jean: it’s awesome and has been an inspiration for most vintage game lovers around the world.

New York is suddendly surrounded by the best 80s videogames characters: PacMan, Invaders, Donkey Kong, Arkanoid, Frogger and a lot more!

PIXELS by PATRICK JEAN. di onemoreprod

Good news: this video has ignited a feature film production and ‘real movie’, Pixels (again) starring Adam Sandler and several others is expected in theaters on July 2015!

pixels movie
[Image source: Wikipedia]

Bring on your coin-up money, it’s arcade games time – again!
Get more info and news on the official Facebook Page, Twitter and Tumblr page.
There’s even a way to build your own pixelated character with iOS app LeBlox.

pixels movie vintage games

Note: no Pixels were hurt during the shooting of this video…

[Source: BBC]

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Don’t panic: even though Windows 7 free support ends today, we’ve still got five years ahead…

windows 7 support

Today is the last day of what Microsoft calls “mainstream support” and this has been planned since a long time.
Windows 7 users don’t panic: Windows 7 will get security updates and patches for the next five years, the real deadline is Jan 14, 2020.

In the meantime, Microsoft won’t be issuing no further development of NEW features for W7.
Besides a well-known life-cycle deadline roadmap, this move tries to move users towards Windows 8 (quite unlikely) or to prepare them for the upcoming Windows 10.

Right now, Windows 7 is reportedly running almost half of the world’s PCs while a huge amount of Windows XP computers are still out there.
Yes, Windows XP! The never-dying OS that Microsoft declared for dead last year in April, shocking the world…
Again, don’t panic: Windows 7 will be mainstream, usable and supported for some time in the future…

[Sources: Microsoft, ArsTechnica, Tweaktown]

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SNCF (French railways) marketing: Europe? It’s just next door

A brilliant campaign to promote SNCF, French railways, throughout Europe.

sncf next door

TBWA/Paris installed coloured doors (with high-tech connected monitors) in several european cities’ public squares (Milan, Brussels, Barcelona, Geneva or Stuttgart…).

Opening the door provided users a great experience of being… somewhere else, namely in another city in Europe.

Great user experience and engagement, lots of fun!

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