Super Bowl XLV ads: what remains after Christina Aguilera? Darth Vader and VW!

Ok, now that you’re done blaming on the Pittsburgh Steelers and Christina Aguilera flub on National Anthem, we can take a look at the clear winner of the Super Bowl XLV: the VW Darth Vader TV commercial!

It’s funny, it’s got a great soundtrack, it’s so familiar: it’s great!

Public ranking?

USA Today’s Ad Meter, which tracks second-by-second reactions from a panel of viewers, has a tie for first place: A Bud Light ad, with a bunch of smart dogs catering a party, is in a dead heat with Dorito’s door-crashing pug. In that ranking, VW’s Darth Vader spot came in third.

BrandBowl, which ranks ads on a combination of tweets and whether it generated positive or negative sentiments, is ranking the Chrysler Eminem spot in first place, followed by VW’s Darth Vader, and then Doritos.

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