Harvard Business Review questions (and answers) about Social Media Strategy

harvard business review social media strategyJuly August issue of Harvard Business Review features a great article: “What’s Your Social Media Strategy?”
Authoritative askers, pretty good answers.

In this research, four authors managed to define four distinct social media warriors profiles along with case histories, facts and figures.

To understand how businesses are approaching the challenge, we analyzed strategies and practices at more than 1,100 companies across several industries and continents, and conducted in-depth interviews with 70 executives who were leading social media initiatives.

Here are the four social media ninjas phenotypes:

  • The “predictive practitioner.”
  • The “creative experimenter.”
  • The “social media champion.”
  • The “social media transformer.”

Just theory? Just questions and no answers? No way!
In the final part, Putting Strategy into Practice, the authors report:

Creative experimenters are driven in part by small budgets; labeling a project “experimental” can exempt it from ROI constraints. Both the predictive practitioner and creative experimenter strategies can quickly create significant results and learning and serve as a training ground for larger efforts.

Other companies should use—or migrate toward—a larger-scale strategy if they want significant results. A social champion strategy can help companies identify and enlist enthusiasts to expand initiatives inside and outside the organization.

Further interesting reading include, of course, What Happens When Companies Lack a Social Media Strategy?.

I recommend taking the Understanding Your Current Social media Strategy: A Quiz to everyone really involved in social media and business.

[Via Harvard Business Review]

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