Social games: the right – and social way- to engage people

social gamingSocial gaming is – and should be considered – the new weapon of social media wave.

SocialMediaToday reports about social gaming, some cool examples and good practics for almost evey businesses.

Games have always been known for their ability to engage people. This stems for their ability to create a strong sense of flow for the participants. In fact, games are the only power in the universe that we know of that can get people to do something not of their interest in a predictable way without having to employ force. What this means is that businesses now have a tool which can help them to get their customers engaged even without a pre-existing passion/ interest for the activity. 

The best way for businesses to employ this tool is to use the core principles of games than build entire games. These principles when used in isolation or in combination to design anything is called gamification. 

Just think of FarmVille-like games phenomenal success and the brand loyalty it has spawn (not only for Zynga).

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