About creativity, time and good ideas – a nice book (and a video) that explains it almost all in a social way

Steven Johnson’s book is highly recommended: this is usually a book’s review ending line, I put it at the beginning since the book it’s about good ideas and good timing.
Well, the good idea is grab a copy and the timing is now!

Full title is Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation

[…] a sweeping study of the history of innovation breaks out the seven patterns of innovation like “the slow hunch” and “serendipity.”
It debunks the myth of the lone genius and presents the real-world dynamics and context that enable innovation.
Johnson shows how understanding the roots of innovation can lead to our own creative breakthroughs.

Citing the development of the Internet and its profusion of applications such as Twitter, the author ascribes its success to “exaptation” and “stacked platforms.” By which he means that curious people used extant stuff or ideas to produce a new bricolage and did so because of their immersion in open networks.

I bought my copy of Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation on Amazon, available now for around $10.

More details about author Steven Johnson are available here.

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