Windows 95 Video Guide with Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry: PCs explained by “Friends” actors

Back in 1995!
The world was raving for Friends sitcom and Windows 95 has just been released.

Windows 95

Someone thought it was a good idea to put Hollywood stars Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry in this video acting like themselves trying to meet Bill Gates in his office.
They miss Bill but get her assistant and meet Windows 95 world – and learn (and supposedly teach us) how to use ‘modern‘ computers along.

Well, it looks like it wasn’t a good idea and this video guide went too far but it’s still amazing and funny.
Although Windows 95 was actually a great leap for desktop OSes, this kind of ‘educational sitcom’ tried to attract (then) youngsters with popular stars – but failed in several ways.
A good attempt that doesn’t really teach Windows and, as far as I can recall, wasn’t so appealing to the intended audience.

By the way, check the VGA-sized monitor used to show Windows 95 features 😉 .

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