Windows 10 Anniversary Update: a few notes [Updated]

Tomorrow, August 2nd, Microsoft will release the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the very first major update since the July 29th update deadline.
Most users will barely notice this update even though some details should be taken into account.

windows 10

In first place, beginning August 2nd this update will replace existing Windows 10 1511 installation and this may cause some problems with already-reported unwanted reboots.
This means that automatic update downloading and installing not only may slow down your PC (which you may or may not notice) but may reboot ungracefully in the wrong moment.

According to different sources and from my experience I suggest that you turn off “Automatic updates installing”, which is incidentally the default choice, and turn to “Notify to schedule restart”, which allows you to end a work day and let Windows do his stuff when you’re done doing yours.

windows 10 anniversay update

windows 10 anniversay update

You’ll find this options under Start/Settings/Updates.

In second place, looks like existing Mobile Windows 10 users will be affected at the same time, even though there are no timing information.

In third place, some of the new feature (among many others) include Windows Ink, a renewed Edge browser and a couple of security-related tools (Windows Hello – a password vault, and Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection).
Cortana seems to be affected by this update too.
Microsoft seems to have taken seriously how much Win10 users are concerned with security.

Update file size is reported at 3 GB, so this update seems a brand new Windows 10 more than an update.
Available RAM may become an issue: there are reports the RAM memory minimum requirements have been raised up. [More details about minimum requirements are available here]

Note: this post is based on information available on the Internet and is accurate as much as I can.
Some sources:
Windows Central
Windows 10 Blog

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