Happy #InternautDay: World Wide Web turns 25!

Happy 25th birthday World Wide Web!

Well, actually, as reported here, Sir Tim Berners-Lee submitted on March 9th 1991 a draft of WWW/HTTP to his boss, Mike Sendall, who was not really excited about it…
On August 6th the very first web server, a now-venerable NeXT Cube, was powered on – and warning label stated “Do not power it down!“.

On August 23rd the very first access to the server from ‘outside‘ the CERN network occurred, thus beginning the WWW era.

In this short interview, Sir Berners-Lee tells about the birth of the WWW:

If you really want to experience the first web page with a text-only browser, here you are: CERN still has it available!

text based browser first web page

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