NVIDIA Tegra K1 192-graphics-cores-processor marketing? A worldwide puzzle: “Project 192″ crop circles

Tegra K1 is NVIDIA new mobile processor (a SoC, system-on-a-chip, to be more accurate) that sports 192 GPU cores (that’s right 192!) and has just debuted at CES 2014.

Tegra K1 192 Cores GPU

NVIDIA chose a very unusual way to market this outrageously powerful mobile processor: a real crop-circles mistery game in a barley field near Salinas, California, two hours south of San Francisco.

That’s when we reached out to a team of crop circle experts. They flew in after Christmas and quickly headed to a dusty field in an effort our marketing team dubbed “Project 192,” — a reference to the number of graphics cores in K1.

The field’s owner had planted the barley, as many farmers do, to be plowed under, renewing the land. Meanwhile, it provided the perfect canvas for our crop circle specialists who drove out to the site accompanied by our team. They worked quickly.

When the morning arrived, it wasn’t long before a crowd began to gather. Word spread, fast.

This created a worldwide buzz about the “192″ number!

Nvidia Tegra K1

More info at NVIDIA Blog.

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Internet Archive now let us play vintage games (and browse computer software libraries too)

atari games internet archive stefano paganini
I love Internet Archive… and you’ll love it too!

Internet Archive has just opened, right for Christmas, the Console Living Room, a collection of vintage console games from the 1970s and 1980s.

As of writing we can rely on 983 items: the best games for Atari 2600, 7800, Coleco Vision and a lot more!!!

All games are provided thanks to MESS online console emulator.

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A 3D-printed mechanical computer with punch-cards

mechanical calculatorChris Fenton created a little marvel putting together some cool skills about 3D Printing, basic computing knowledge and a lot of creativity.

His Turbo Entabulator is made of (mostly) 3D-printed parts and performs basic computational tasks… mechanically: it’s something that teaches lot about how computation is being processed.

This is a (nearly entirely) 3D-printed, entirely mechanical computer. The machine has three single-digit, base-10 registers for memory, and is running a 4-instruction program that computes the fibonacci sequence. In the video, it starts out with the registers reading ’1, 1, 0′, and computes the fibonacci sequence up to ’8′ before overflowing.

This reminds me a lot a Charles Babbage-like engine: a single task-oriented (Fibonacci sequence, that is), mechanical and punch-card programmed calculator.

Chris describes his project in his blog, which took him some 50+ hours and around $100.

[Source: Chris Fenton]

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10 digital marketing key data about 2013 that will be useful in 2014

From SmartInsights come 10 statistics that show key trends in digital marketing, 10 key questions, 10 quick answers and some more to think about.

Here’s my pick of three.

Which social networks should we focus on?

social digital marketing

Which social networks encourage sharing?

digital marketing

How popular is mobile search and how effective is our mobile SEO?

digital marketing

[Source: SmartInsights]

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Sky Guide author builds largest image ever of the starred sky

skyguide sky map ios app

Can you imagine a single 100,000 by 50,000 pixels image?
SkyGuide‘s creator collected 37,000 individual photos to create this single amazing image, the largest true-color image of the entire sky ever made.

Looks like the the iOS App will be really “out of this world”!

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Facebook Year in Review 2013: show off your social profile this year!

facebook year in review 2013A small side box appeared today in my Facebook profile page: it’s the Year in Review 2013.

It’s a brand-new way for Facebook to give you a view over the past years showing you the most popular statuses you shared in 2013, along with comments.
I’m still unable to understand the logic and algorithm behind it: it’s not sorted by popularity alone, most shared and liked images and statuses are not in top position, nor it’s sorted by date… some Facebook secret recipe we’ll never be aware of.

You can try it out for yourself by entering such an URL: https://www.facebook.com/yearinreview/[your Facebook username]

As you can see, an animated header tells you’re looking at the Year in Review page (and not your regular profile).

It would be actually cool to get the same feature (four images, slideshow, fading transition) instead of (or alternative to) the regular (static) profile image.

facebook year in review 2013

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The Tablet Newspaper as seen in 1994

Knight Ridder (back then a media behemoth) produced a video that, back in 1994, depicts a tablet delivering news…

We may still use computers to create information but we’ll use the tablet to interact with information.

It’s an interesting piece of history since it talks, a long time before iPads and Google News debates, about readers’ loyalty to paper, conventional media and trusted sources.

Important issues that aren’t, as of today, solved.

[Source: PaleoFuture]

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2013: IEEE estimates some 11 billion devices connected to the Internet

internet connected devices 2013

As of today, there are 10.95 billion devices connected to the Internet.
Compare that with only 500 million connected devices 6 years ago (back in 2007).

[Source: IEEE.org]

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Today’s Google Doodle celebrates Doctor Who 50th anniversary with character-based game.

Doctor Who Google Doodle 1
Believe it or not, Doctor Who has been traveling around on TV for half a century, since it was first aired in 1963.
50 years means obviously nothing to a Time Lord as the Doctor

Today Google celebrates the 50th anniversary with one of the best Doodle ever: an isometric-platform game which takes advantage of eleven different Doctors and brings you some old-school platform gaming.

Doctor Who Google Doodle 2

Daleks and Cybermen are almost everywhere and you’ll have to avoid them, run through mazes, pulling triggers, switching on elevators and so on… just in time to get back to the Tardis collecting pieces that will compose the ‘Google‘ word.

The Doodle is just slightly ahead of a special episode of the show, set to air worldwide on November 23rd.
The episode — titled Day of the Doctor — will see a return for ex-Doctor David Tennant, the final episode for current Doctor Matt Smith, and the first appearance of a new doctor: Peter Capaldi.

A trailer for the episode is available to view on the BBC’s website.

Doctor Who Google Doodle 3

Have fun!

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WinAmp, one of the first MP3 players, shuts down after 15 years

winamp stefano paganiniAfter 15 years, the final curtain falls over WinAmp, one of the very first MP3 Players.

I still remember quite well the first version I used on my back-then brand new notebook (a Pentium 120 MHz-based, Windows 95 behemoth): WinAmp 1.04 (or something like that) did consist of a 400-Kbytes single file.

On January 1998 my friend and computer geek Silvia handed me a single 3.5″ floppy (1.44 MB) containing both WinAmp AND one (very low-quality) song.

I’ve been using WinAmp quite a lot since then on all of my Windows PCs but, as most users, I switched to iTunes or Firebird and VLC: WinAmp has become a very niche player and that’s maybe why NullSoft has decided to axe it after all those years.
WinAmp small footprint was one of its best feature and provided hops-free music playing even on very old hardware; plug-ins and visual effects were quite common although unstable and mostly boggling your PC.

WinAmp path has a lot in common with Gnutella, the early Peer2Peer network client, that used to be the main source for providing MP3 music (along with some legal problems about DRM…): developer team is the same!

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