in 2004: Mark Zuckerberg discusses his 100k users social network

thefacebook 2004

12 years ago, a much younger Mark Zuckerberg talks about his brand new social network.
Seems so amazing, right now: 12 years and one billion users later… 😉

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Happy birthday Nolan Bushnell!

Happy birthday Nolan Bushnell!

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StarWars: a 7,500+ Lego-bricks Millennium Falcon? Even Han Solo would be thrilled!

A switzerland-based graphic designer posted on Flickr an impressive set of photos of homemade Lego Millennium Falcon.
Not just the ordinary Lego Millennium Falcon set (1,500+ pieces), but a whopping 7,500+ bricks spaceship that even Han Solo would love!

Millennium Falcon (Starwars VII)

Marshal Banana, the designer and maker’s nickname, posted several nice photos that show how complex the model is – and huge too, 82 cm x 54 cm x 18 cm and weighing in at around 10Kg!
Internal pictures are not available but the cockpit has 4 seats, as expected, and pilot/co-pilot are seen from outside right in place.

Millennium Falcon (Starwars VII)

The Force is strong in this Lego model!

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#2016: best wishes to everybody!

best wishes 2016

Best wishes to everybody!

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#AstroPi: #RaspberryPi will be launched in #Space this evening!

Astro_Pi_Logo_WEB-260x250A couple of hardended Raspberry Pi will be launched this evening and will reach the ISS!
This is some awesome news for all RPi users and fan and a great achievement for Eben Upton and all his folks.

Follow the event here, on NASA TV live stream; launch time is 22:45 GMT from Cape Canaveral (USA).

More links and info available here:
– and, of course,

And follow the Twitter account:

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A well-done Steve Jobs animated biography (and some IT history too)

“Oh no, yet another Steve Jobs movie?”
Not exactly…
It’s an animated multi-timeline Steve Jobs‘ biography, featuring all relevant IT people from 1955 to 2011, along with main IT events and computer/technology introduction events.

It’s so well done (IMHO) that really deserves a second look, just to follow all inputs coming from a very interesting time-point-of-view. 😉

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The real value of stuff running in our smartphones (compared to 30 years ago)

Well, I know it’s quite unfair but yet it’s still amazing.
Just imagine all the stuff running within our smartphone (the kind of stuff we all take for granted, now).
A book, Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think has an interesting point of view about this.

Just check this table:

abundance stuff running in smartphone price compared to 1982

Guess what? A 5MP digital camera in 1986 retailed for $3,000 (today’s value, this figure almost doubles…).
A 1982 GPS system went for some $119,000 ($280,000 in 2011’$).
There you go: grand total gets over $900.000…

As I said before, it’s quite unfair (and some may question about the method) but it’s amazing all the same!

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Enter HIP – Human IP address: the Internet of Human Beings

A recent Forbes story has sparkled speculations about IP addresses being assigned to each and every human being.

ip human address internet of things

Besides the Science-Fiction scenario, it seems logical to assign to all living human beings an IP address hence bypassing any further IDs, password and so on.
IP V4? No way… 32 bit (less the reserved addresses) is a lot less than 4 billion IP addresses (and we’ve already ran out of them).
IP V6, may seems legit: one (very complex) string that may become part of the life of every human being just like DNA: no more passwords.

The story is quite compelling and thought provoking: provided the Internet of Things is getting every day more complex, and given the 2025 deadline, this may become a real scenario.
Legal implications, poverty discrimination and many other aspects of the problem should be carefully analyzed, though.

Full story on Forbes available here.

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How to edit text in your browser – without launching an editor!

text editor htmlA simple text editor – always available at your fingertips?
It’s inside your browser!

It’s just a matter of writing in the location/URL textbox of your browser the following text and start typing:

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

You’ll get a very simple text editor within your browser so that taking a quick note will never be an issue any more (for me, at last!).

Tested under Firefox (PC/Mac), Chrome (PC/Mac), Safari (Mac)

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May 26th 1995: Bill Gates writes about the “Internet Tidal Wave”

1995 internet tidal wave bill gates

20 years have gone since this internal memo, aimed at Microsoft Executives, in which Bill Gates himself talked about the “Internet Tidal Wave” and provided a strategic point of view for a MS-dominated ‘Net; the memo surfaced during the prolonged Justice Department antitrust action against Microsoft from 1998 to 2001 and is publicly available by clicking here.

It’s so well-written and contains so much forecasting that it’s awesome to read – even 20 years later.
Gates writes about current (1995) state of the PC world, CD-ROM dominance, MSN (and its impossibile-competition against the web…), why every PC will be connected in the future.
He talks about competition in the servers arena (Windows NT vs. Unix servers), about NetPCs (which went to nowhereLand…) and Netscape (a “newborn” competitor in the browser arena).

I think this is a truly awesome piece of history, besided whatever happened later, that we all should read and think about – at least for the next 20 years 😉

[Update: a fully readable web page with the transcript of the memo is available here]

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