A secret text adventure game is hidden into Google Chrome – and it’s compelling!

Fancy a nice old-style text-adventure game?

Look no further than Google!
It’s quite simple, all you need is Google Chrome (updated).
Type in search box “Text adventure” then open the developer console with:
CTRL-SHIFT-I if you’re a PC user,
CMD-Option-I if you’re on a Mac.

(By now it’s working only on Google.com, not other local versions.)

The console is your playground and the game begins!
google text adventure in browser

By answering YES to initial question, you’re in! As usual (with text adventures) you’ll be using simple commands.

google text adventure in browser

What about some help or a map? You’re welcome: but use the map thoughfully!

google text adventure in browser

You are the big G in Google’s logo and the aim of the game is to find the missing letters, well hidden within the map.

Well done Google, this is truly awesome and brings us to the very best memories of Zork I or Ultima, to name but a few.

Zork I box art.jpg
Fair use, Link

If you’re willing to face a real challenge, here are some of the very best text games and adventures ever available online for free!

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