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Hasselblad’s Camera Photography Manual for Astronauts in PDF

Photography guru Ken Rockwell spotted the PDF manual for the NASA version of Hasselblad dream camera. Free at that link! With all the Soviet-era spacecraft and accessories becoming available on eBay — cheap — you budding space explorers may find … Continue reading

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LinkedIn hits the 100 million users milestone

Social networking giant LinkedIn has hit the 100 million users milestone this week, reports The company also revealed that it was adding 1 million new members ever week – the equivalent of one new member every second. Jeff Weiner, … Continue reading

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iPhone IR-remote controlling a DSLR – for under $10!

I love Make magazine and their almost-daily cool ideas. Today, Makezine it’s pointing to iPhone Guru’s IR remote control for iPhone how-to, a really cool hack proejct that turns every iPhone into a DSLR’s best friend! The iPhone Guru posted … Continue reading

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Yin Yang Firewire 800 adapter: pricey but useful

Believe it or not, even the MacBook Pro is not perfect. In its latest 4 incarnations it gained a Firewire 800 port, losing the (aged, but still usable) Firewire 400 port. Anyway, I’ve got a FW 400 cam and a … Continue reading

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iPad + Lutron: total home control, energy saving and some Green attitude too!

The iPad is cool because of applications such as Lutron‘s new RadioRA 2 control system. With the app, now available on iTunes for $19.99, owners of the RadioRA 2 can control their system from afar (say, on vacation) and put … Continue reading

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Japan earthquake: so many reasons to mourn, pray and think

Earthquakes are part of everyday life in Japan, but nothing seems to compare to what happened two days ago (and is still going on). Earthquake, tsunamis and now, nuclear plant crisis and meltdown threat. From the words of Japan’s PM: … Continue reading

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Space waste: photos of Space Shuttle urine dump

Just read on photo-pro Ken Rockwell’s blog a post about the last Space Shuttle Discovery flight. Photo amateurs and pro-am astronomers around the world managed to spot Discovery’s flybys (check here for more info) and shot great pictures. Several pictures … Continue reading

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iOS 4.3 is now available!

As reported by our friends at, the new release of iOS is now available through iTunes to all iPad, iPhone 4 and 3GS, iPod touch 3g and 4g owners. A brief feature list include: improved Safari Javascript engine and … Continue reading

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International Women’s Day, Google Doodle and “my name is Blonde, James Blonde”

While the world celebrates International Women’s Day on Mar 8, the search engine giant Google also continued its ‘doodle tradition’ by featuring a special doodle in its search engine home page in selected countries. On Tuesday, Mar 8, Google boasted … Continue reading

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Apple iPad 2: thanks Steve – again!

Steve (Jobs) strikes back – twice! The charismatic CEO does it again and presents the much-awaited iPad 2. As expected, front and rear camera, thinner, lighter, same battery! Unexpected: A5 dual-core processor – brand new, 9-times more powerful graphics capabilities; … Continue reading

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