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Facebook releases new advertising infrastructure

New life and tools for Facebook advertising? Along with Timeline for brands, Facebook also introduced Premium Offers and Ads, which function similarly to Promoted Tweets. Marketers can pay to get their ads or Sponsored Stories some better real estate on … Continue reading

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Academy Awards 2012: who won? Actors? Actresses? Movies? No, social media!

Ok, I do think Meryl Streep deserved her 2012 Oscar as well all the other folks on the red carpet… as I wrote yesterday there’s another big winner even though it’s not holding an Oscar. Actually, the real winner this … Continue reading

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Academy Awards 2012 and social media: do Oscars use Twitter?

It’s Oscar time again, but this is 2012 in the social-era, so nothing really happens without being social-ly leading! With the Academy Awards 2012 this weekend, there are a lot of buzz created in the social media about the best … Continue reading

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Google’s sunglasses: Terminator look and Google’s augmented reality technology for the ultimate gadget

Google’s so-called “Terminator” glasses – they’re a pet project being developed at Google’s X laboratory, and will presumably place a computerized overlay on the real world. An exciting detail from the New York Times — the sunglasses will be ready … Continue reading

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Technology Review – March/April 2012 issue: interview with Drew Houston – Dropbox founder – on cloud storage

The latest issue of Technology Review features an interview with Dropbox‘s founder Drew Houston about cloud storage and the future. I love Technology Review and I’m definitely addicted to Dropbox so I’m writing this to spread the (good) news about … Continue reading

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Even Social Media needs have a hierarchy: check what social network is fulfilling them

Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Tumblr all fulfill some special need (we don’t even know of, mostly) every day of our life. Here’s some pretty view of all social networks from the most basic psychological needs point of view – and … Continue reading

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The future and Internet as seen in a video from 1969

Take a look at this video, it may seem too similar to today’s life even if some tools are quite… funny. Nevertheless, in 1969 they thought about: flat-screen monitors, some sort of writing recognition, multi-monitor setups and… (yes) a global … Continue reading

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Content marketing: the right diet for content curation – and every online resource

Here comes an interesting adaption of the USDA food pyramid turned into a content marketing analysis tool: each level is briefly explained here, whereas a lot of work should be done at each level by all of us, dealing with … Continue reading

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Scale of the Universe: an interactive educational tutorial to almost everything

I love this Flash interactive animation! Aptly named The Scale of The Universe, allows you to see the whole universe – in all its scale from the tiniest particle ever up to the whole universe. It’s a journey in science, … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day 2012 Google Doodle

A pretty little story dedicated to everybody out there for Valentine’s Day with the new Google Doodle. “Cold, Cold Heart” performed by Tony Bennett. Courtesy of Columbia Records and Sony/ATV.

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