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The Facebook iOS app, Apple and the HP TouchPad: a story of war and peace…

Mashable reports on two really interesting news: – a supposedly would-be war between Facebook and Apple about the now defunct HP TouchPad and a dedicated Facebook app (that never was), – the upcoming (and much awaited) Facebook iPad app, that … Continue reading

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This is what I call a ‘smart tag’!

This is what I call a smart tag! [No RFID was hurt during the shooting of this photography]

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Firefox 7 available!

Firefox 7 is out, available as usual in all flavours (Win, Mac OS…). This year Firefox, and the Mozilla guys, have been working quite hard pulling off so many software releases. The latest version of Firefox has the following changes: … Continue reading

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It’s Google day: happy 13th birthday!

Ok, this may seems as the most auto-referential Google Doodle of it all, but Google today celebrates its 13th birthday! It’s been a long long time: I’m old enough to remember Altavista, Lycos, Alltheweb, Ask and a lot more. Today, … Continue reading

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Upcoming Amazon Tablet? The real anti-iPad?

The tablet wars looked already won by iPad alone, until now. A new player may be entering the tablet arena pretty soon. NY Times reports that Amazon may be releasing its tablet just in time for Christmas. Predictions (or rumors) … Continue reading

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Today’s Google Doodle: 75th birthday of Jim Henson – and a puppet trick too!

Remember Sesame Street? Today’s Google Doodle celebrates Jim Henson birthday with an animated doodle. Beware that one puppet is going to eat another – you decide who to keep… Thanks Jim!

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A new Flipboard-alike from Google?

Robert Scoble reported that Google may be developing a Flipboard-alike – a popular social media browsing app. Propeller is te more likely name for this app aimed at Facebook, Flipboard (maybe the rest of the world) and running both on … Continue reading

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Online time spent on social networks in the USA? Nearly 25%

A Nielsen report released Monday found out that Americans spend almost a quarter of their time online on social networking sites, and counting… According to the report — which combines data from Nielsen mobile and online meters, buzz data and … Continue reading

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IBM smashes data storage drive record: 120 petabytes, the biggest hard drive ever?

According to a white paper study from IDC there will be 1800 exabytes (EB) of digital data in 2011, up from 220 EB in 2007. Such growth places the data user under tremendous pressure to turn data into actionable insights … Continue reading

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A Lego stop-motion masterpiece and a tribute to 8-bit videogames? Ask Rymdreglage!

Swedish group Rymdreglage (AKA Ninja Moped) has released a stunning video that’s both a tribute to 8-bit videogames – namely NES – and Lego stop-motion technique masterpiece. They did it in just 1,500 hours using tons of lego, patience and… … Continue reading

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