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Windows 95 Video Guide with Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry: PCs explained by “Friends” actors

Back in 1995! The world was raving for Friends sitcom and Windows 95 has just been released. Someone thought it was a good idea to put Hollywood stars Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry in this video acting like themselves trying … Continue reading

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Today’s Google Doodle celebrates Doctor Who 50th anniversary with character-based game.

Believe it or not, Doctor Who has been traveling around on TV for half a century, since it was first aired in 1963. 50 years means obviously nothing to a Time Lord as the Doctor… Today Google celebrates the 50th … Continue reading

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This Google Doodle boldly goes where no doodle has gone before – and it’s one of the very best ever!

Star Trek fans will rave for Google’s latest Doodle: september 8th is the 46° anniversary of the first Star Trek TV episode on air. The Star Trek Doodle is interactive, and some well-known characters are represented as Big G’s letters … Continue reading

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Social TV: ConnecTV announces March Madness: basketball will never be the same – social

I love Social TV! I guess it’s the next big thing putting together all tech stuff: mobile + social media + TV. USA Social TV company ConnecTV, has announced its March Madness line-up of innovative content features for the biggest … Continue reading

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Friendship Algorithm – from the Big Bang Theory

Really inspired by this old episode of the Big Bang Theory! Here comes the Dr. Sheldon Cooper’s Friendship Algorithm: do you agree? More from the Big Bang Theory official Wiki! Socially awkward Sheldon develops a scientific procedure for making friends. … Continue reading

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