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TabCopy: un’estensione per Chrome per non perdere più nemmeno una tab del browser

Di norma, ho tante finestre aperte dei vari browser (Chrome e Firefox, principalmente) e ciascuna contiene numerose tab. Quando dico tante, intendo proprio tante. A parte usare già alcuni session manager (in particolare Tab Session Manager per Chrome, sono sempre … Continue reading

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TabCopy Chrome extension: never again lose (all) those tabs!

I keep a lot of browser tabs and windows opened at once. I mean a lot. Be it Firefox, Chrome (on both PC and Mac), I always have some one-to-two hundred browser tabs opened. I read too many things and … Continue reading

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A secret text adventure game is hidden into Google Chrome – and it’s compelling!

Fancy a nice old-style text-adventure game? Look no further than Google! It’s quite simple, all you need is Google Chrome (updated). Type in search box “Text adventure” then open the developer console with: CTRL-SHIFT-I if you’re a PC user, CMD-Option-I … Continue reading

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April Fool’s Day 2015: Google introduces #ChromeSelfie

Early today, Google Chrome users found this unusual new feature… Google introduces #ChromeSelfie to Chrome users: the ultimate social mood sharing tool! Have you ever read an article that made your jaw drop or seen a funny clip that made … Continue reading

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How much is worth Mozilla browsers loyalty to Google? $300 million per year!

Yes, the browser war is still on – more than ever. Google’s the default search engine for most of us, and it is for most Firefox users. Anyway, there’s no free meal in this world so, if you ever asked … Continue reading

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Google’s ChromeBook: the (very) next big thing?

Google announced ChromeBook: a sort of notebook (built by Samsung and Acer) that may fall in the $300 price line and that uses just one piece of software – Chrome. The ChromeBook strongly relies on Cloud services and is an … Continue reading

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