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Advertising Age latest issue: does digital sell soap?

From the latest Advertising Age issue. The Truth About What Works in Digital Marketing For Consumer Packaged-Goods Marketers, Digital Does Sell Soap Does digital media deliver a better return on investment than TV? Tough questions and a lot of answers … Continue reading

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Apple iTunes U + Piazza: Stanford classes go social

Stanford is taking that a step further by linking the Piazza social learning platform with one of the most popular iTunes U courses: Professor Paul Hegarty’s iPad and iPhone App Development. The new social media aspect of the course builds … Continue reading

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What is definitely the Internet? Ask The IT Crowd!

What is exactly the crazy thing called the Internet? Ask the IT Crowd!!!

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Facebook Box?

I guess this Facebook thing is getting us too far from reality 😉

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Apple’s WWDC: updates, next-gen MacBook Pros with Retina Display, iOS 6, Mountain Lion

In a nutshell, live from Apple’s 2012 annual Worldwide Developers Conference. Next-Gen #MacBookPro with #Retina Display $2199 #WWDC #Apple #macbook Get ready for Mac OS X Mountain Lion, shipping in July for $ 19.99 #WWDC #Apple #macbook #OSX #mountainlion #Twitter: … Continue reading

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Lego Brain Bricks: Build, Connect, Play (with an iPad, some electronics and a lot of Legos!)

Needless to say, I love this stuff! It just sums up some of the things I love the most: Lego, iPad gaming, some cool programming and some pretty electronics! LEGO® BrainBricks from Wonder Years on Vimeo. BrainBricks is a concept … Continue reading

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Enigma cipher machine? Build your own – papercraft – for security fans!

One of the most secret weapons of World War II: the Enigma Machine, german army cipher machine – supposedly unbreakable and uncrackable. Luckily it wasn’t so rock-solid and war turned as we all know and was won as well as … Continue reading

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Meebo has been acquired by Google for a reported $100 million

Meebo now goes with Big G, that is it’s been acquired by Google for some $100 million. Meebo, started in 2005 as a web-based messaging service, but has since developed “the Meebo bar,” its flagship offering which “wraps” a web … Continue reading

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Nielsen Report says 1 in 2 mobile users own a smartphone

One out of every two mobile subscribers owns a smartphone of some kind, and those smartphone owners average 41 apps per device, according to the latest report from Nielsen. If those numbers sound staggering to you, consider where the mobile … Continue reading

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Twitter turns 500 million users, 140 million active tweeters and some billion tweets per week

Twitter, the microblogging social network which processes more than a billion tweets a week, is set to hit the milestone figure later today, claims Twopcharts, a third party Twitter analysis company. However, the 500 million relates to the total number … Continue reading

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