TabCopy Chrome extension: never again lose (all) those tabs!

I keep a lot of browser tabs and windows opened at once.
I mean a lot.
Be it Firefox, Chrome (on both PC and Mac), I always have some one-to-two hundred browser tabs opened.
I read too many things and don’t want to rely on my own memory only (which one?).
Tab-aholic as they call it.

Therefore I’m always looking for browser extensions that may turn this situation into something better.
Besides Tab Session Manager on Chrome (highly advised), I recently found quite helpful this one: TabCopy – a Chrome extension that quickly and easily copies all tabs to the clipboard – and it does in a variety of (customizable) formats.

tabcopy chrome extension

Indeed, TabCopy helps both to save a search session with all valuable search result tabs to a text file and/or share it with someone else – as simple text with URLs and web pages titles as well.
Never ever lose again all those tabs.

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