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Gmail’s new People widget: useful, smart and contextual information from your contacts.

Ok, I might be late! I just noticed today the Gmail’s brand-new People Widget and found it really useful! You can communicate with individual contacts easily through the people widget, or just use it to find basic information. Simply click … Continue reading

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How to remove images (or selected HTML tags) from a WordPress page (and live happy)

I love working with WordPress, there’s always a new tiny pretty trick around the corner that makes this great blogging tool behave just like something more versatile. I’ve been working on a web site and the client asked for something … Continue reading

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WordPress: how to put PHP into a Text Widget

The only thing I love more than WordPress is WordPress tweaking. Believe or not, there’s no way to get PHP code running within a Text Widget. I mean, you can have almost all kind of widgets plus HTML-code within them, … Continue reading

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