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Come aggiungere un’immagine di sfondo per Skype

Come aggiungere uno sfondo su Skype? Domanda banale? Mica tanto, visti alcuni tentativi malriusciti cui ho dovuto porre rimedio. In questo periodo, molti di noi vivono (praticamente tutto il giorno) dividendosi tra call su Skype, Zoom, Meet, Webex e simili. … Continue reading

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How to tweet – and get retweeted: a great infographic that’s a Twitter 101

Whatever you do on Twitter or use it for, you’ll be amazed by this Twiends infographic. As simple as it gets: how to get started with the right profile info how to get more followers what to tweet when to … Continue reading

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Hubspot’s Facebook for business guide – for free!

Never dimiss a free meal! Hubspot is giving for free this How to Use Facebook for Business 35-pages guide. Ok… you may know all the tricks of the trade, but this free guide may still be a good starting point … Continue reading

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Maker Holography Kit – and some how-to about holograms

Make is an ever-surprising source of inspiration! This time is about holography – and an under $ 100 kit should get all of us making holograms at home, albeit quite small and not so detailed… (but what the heck: it’s … Continue reading

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Facebook offers social media marketing guide to boost traffic and sales

A free guide is always welcome. A well-thought-out and useful one it’s even better! Facebook is offering social media marketers some insight on how to increase brand engagement and generate traffic and sales with the social giant. The document, titled … Continue reading

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iPhone IR-remote controlling a DSLR – for under $10!

I love Make magazine and their almost-daily cool ideas. Today, Makezine it’s pointing to iPhone Guru’s IR remote control for iPhone how-to, a really cool hack proejct that turns every iPhone into a DSLR’s best friend! The iPhone Guru posted … Continue reading

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