iPhone IR-remote controlling a DSLR – for under $10!

iphone dslr remoteI love Make magazine and their almost-daily cool ideas.

Today, Makezine it’s pointing to iPhone Guru’s IR remote control for iPhone how-to, a really cool hack proejct that turns every iPhone into a DSLR’s best friend!

The iPhone Guru posted this how-to on making your own infrared transmitter so that you can use your iOS device (such as iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad) as a remote control for your DSLR. This hack is a quick one and you may even have the required components already. On the software side, you’ll need to load up DSLR.Bot from the App Store to send the right codes to your camera.

Amazing as it may seem, the most expensive part of this tool is the iOS app: $ 4.99 and it uses the audio output, the 3,5 mm headphone jack, to send some sort of PWM to the DSLR IR receiver: great!!!

Here are all the ingredients for this recipe:

  • DSLR.bot iPhone app
  • iPhone Guru how-to
  • a couple of 940 nm LEDs
  • a simple stereo cable
  • soldering tools
  • 10 minute or so
  • Canon or Nikon infrared-able DSLR (may work with some Pentax and Olympus too

[Via Makezine and iPhone Guru]

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