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Cyber Monday: an infographics explains its 6 years story

Ok, it’s Cyber Monday (the online version of Black Friday), along with the unavoidable craze but… where did it come from? Mashable just published a cool infographics that recalls Cyber Monday six years, the rise and fall (we’re facing an … Continue reading

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Black Friday aftermath. Shopping as it SHOULDN’T be: Walmart 2011 night turns havoc for $10 deals

We all know Black Fridays shopping turn people craziness on and this year, with the economic downturn it may seem it’s even worst. Mashable reports that Black Friday is starting to look a bit more like Cyber Monday. According to … Continue reading

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Maker Holography Kit – and some how-to about holograms

Make is an ever-surprising source of inspiration! This time is about holography – and an under $ 100 kit should get all of us making holograms at home, albeit quite small and not so detailed… (but what the heck: it’s … Continue reading

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Web war: Google, Facebook and most other players, an interactive infographics

French news site Rue89 reports about a so-called Web giants war in really interesting infographic – an interactive one too. Facts and some figures, here are some players’ revenues in billion Euros. Apple 49,2 billion euros Microsoft 47,2 billion euros … Continue reading

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How to manage Social Media in a crisis: communication skills and right timing

Always-excellent SocialMediaToday reports about using Social media in crisis, tragic events and news – before things get worst. Crisis management has been widely used in almost every occasion dealing with dramatic events, bad reputation and media assault. Meet Social Media … Continue reading

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Sting 25 iPad app: a music tribute and a great app too!

Partner site reports on one of the very best music app these days – and a free one too! Sting just released the Sting 25 iPad app, celebrating his long solo career along with plenty of video and audio … Continue reading

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Game Story: an exhibition in Paris where videogames become art!

At last! Videogames are now considered as art, or at least – they’re allowed into museums along paintings, statues and modern art in any shape. Paris Game Story at Grand Palais, opening yesterday, is an exhibition – the first one, … Continue reading

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Look mom, I developed an iOS app (and I’m still a kid)

This one goes for two categories of people: those who tell you “iPhone development it’s just for grown-ups” those who sell you iPhone development tools that even a kid can leverage… Meet Thomas Suarez (6th grader) at TED talk…

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Kohberg bread with clever packaging: unconventional marketing fighting breast cancer

Danish baker Kohberg, with help from Envision, recently created this very supportive packaging, in an effort to help fight breast cancer. The fun bags house two rye buns – yes, that’s what you’re looking at – with part of the … Continue reading

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Google+ Pages: what’s next for companies/brands and… us?

Ok, Google has finally released Google Pages (for most businesses) and I’ve been building the Google+ Page for this web site and – yes! I’d like you to include it in your Circles! Right now, I’m fighting exploring all new … Continue reading

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