Game Story: an exhibition in Paris where videogames become art!

game story parisAt last!
Videogames are now considered as art, or at least – they’re allowed into museums along paintings, statues and modern art in any shape.

Paris Game Story at Grand Palais, opening yesterday, is an exhibition – the first one, AFAIK, that’s a tribute to the history of the video game era and industry.

The video game is a young media that appeared at the start of the 1970s and has evolved constantly, perfecting its techniques, and establishing itself as a major cultural industry.
From the start, the new media has been at the centre of much discussion and analysis, focusing essentially on its social or personal impact on users. This exhibition consequently sets out to explore different angles: aesthetic and cultural.
The interactive hands-on exhibition offers visitors the chance to try out a selection of some eighty games, consoles and computers, tracing the history of video games from their appearance in the 1970s to the present day. It presents the imaginary worlds, serials, genres and graphic styles spawned by the video game. Combining animated imagery, music, dialogue, complex scenarios and interactive operation, video games have, over the years, become a cultural object in their own right and a veritable mode of expression.

Do you need a strong reason to attend the exhibition?

Keys for understanding and a chance to play
Studies on the aesthetic and cultural history of video games give the public – even complete beginners – a potted history of styles and keys for understanding or identifying games. That is what this exhibition intends to do: the circuit is divided into chronological sections, in which visitors can try the main video games for each period on vintage equipment in perfect operating condition.

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Name: Game Story. Une histoire du jeu vidéo
Where: Grand Palais, South-East Gallery, Paris
When: november 10th 2011 – january 9th 2012

Grand Palais Game Story ExhibitionGame Story official siteFacebook Game Story Page.

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