Sting 25 iPad app: a music tribute and a great app too!

sting app 25Partner site reports on one of the very best music app these days – and a free one too!

Sting just released the Sting 25 iPad app, celebrating his long solo career along with plenty of video and audio footage.

Music industry, facing harsh times, should not underestimate the power of such apps – dubbed appumentary (app + documentary) as strong marketing tools.

High-end products like this have a high price tag on the production side: one million dollar, as reported by NYTimes, but should bring as well brand loyalty, awareness and… lots of promotion on cool tablets!

[Besides this app, I’m a great Sting fan so it’s ok for me even if Chevrolet (or anyone else) is proudly sponsoring it…]

Check more on and download the Sting 25 app for iPad from iTunes: it’s free!

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