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Apple iTunes U + Piazza: Stanford classes go social

Stanford is taking that a step further by linking the Piazza social learning platform with one of the most popular iTunes U courses: Professor Paul Hegarty’s iPad and iPhone App Development. The new social media aspect of the course builds … Continue reading

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Lego Brain Bricks: Build, Connect, Play (with an iPad, some electronics and a lot of Legos!)

Needless to say, I love this stuff! It just sums up some of the things I love the most: Lego, iPad gaming, some cool programming and some pretty electronics! LEGO® BrainBricks from Wonder Years on Vimeo. BrainBricks is a concept … Continue reading

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Flipboard adds Associated Press news & coverage on the 2012 US Presidential Campaign

I’ve been in love with Flipboard since its very first appearance on the iPad (namely, my iPad). It’s one of those apps that really make sense about using an iPad just to browse literally my favorites news sources and has … Continue reading

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Tablet wars: Blackberry PlayBook gets its priced slashed off 50%

RIM, Blackberry producer, has made the first move in 2012 in tablet wars. Its Blackberry PlayBook is now available for $299 – that’s 50% off its regular price – but you can find it right now at $249. The 16GB … Continue reading

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Two great iOS apps updates: and Flipboard

As reported by our friends at two of the essential apps all iOS users must have just released their latest (and still best) updates ever! Flipboard: one of my favorite social media aggregator, now available for iPhone too (and … Continue reading

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iOS5: ready for showtime?

Apple’s iOS 5 should be available anytime soon… are you ready? The friends at report about iOS5 new features, take a look! I’m gonna love iMessage unified stream! iMessage: The new messaging feature allows iOS users to communicate over … Continue reading

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Facebook iPad app: it’s showtime!

Long-time awaited, much-hyped, now it’s the time: the original Facebook app for iPad is available! The friends at report: Here we are, shortly after the iPad Skype app, Facebook has finally launched its official iPad app, after (literally) months … Continue reading

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The Facebook iOS app, Apple and the HP TouchPad: a story of war and peace…

Mashable reports on two really interesting news: – a supposedly would-be war between Facebook and Apple about the now defunct HP TouchPad and a dedicated Facebook app (that never was), – the upcoming (and much awaited) Facebook iPad app, that … Continue reading

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Upcoming Amazon Tablet? The real anti-iPad?

The tablet wars looked already won by iPad alone, until now. A new player may be entering the tablet arena pretty soon. NY Times reports that Amazon may be releasing its tablet just in time for Christmas. Predictions (or rumors) … Continue reading

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McDonald’s nice marketing idea: Pick’n’Play with smartphones, watch on wall videos – and get a free lunch too!

People may do anything for a free lunch (don’t mind “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”) these days – or just to have fun? Even stare at an interactive billboard outside a McDonald’s in Stockholm and play … Continue reading

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