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McDonald’s Drink Days experiential marketing: 4,000 CDN $ truly frozen coins

Ok, this has nothing to do with social media, digital media or social networks – it’s all conventional, real-world experience. In order to promote Dollar Drink Days, McDonald’s Canada set up this experiment. The place: an Alberta summer beach party … Continue reading

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McDonald’s nice marketing idea: Pick’n’Play with smartphones, watch on wall videos – and get a free lunch too!

People may do anything for a free lunch (don’t mind “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”) these days – or just to have fun? Even stare at an interactive billboard outside a McDonald’s in Stockholm and play … Continue reading

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Fast food, social media, user survey: an infographic that tells a lot – and it’s not that fast

Fast food is a part of American life, whether we like it or not. But social media users aren’t scarfing down that junk, are they? Sounds like a good topic for a survey filled with statistics that are both obvious … Continue reading

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