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October 4th 1957: Sputnik launched, Space Age began

Sputnik 1 launched on October 4, 1957. Besides cold war speculation, this was one of the greatest events in space race that sparkled competition, scientific/technical achievements and – eventually, led to 1969 Moon Landing. The satellite was 58 cm (about … Continue reading

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Latest National Geographic Magazine: “The age of disbelief” (about science)

Love National Geographic Magazine: March issue’s cover story is about disbelief, skepticism about science and doubt versus estabilished science. From medicine to space, from history to dinosaur, from evolution to global climate: skepticism is all around us and is, somehow … Continue reading

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European Election 2014: results provided in real-time thanks to open-data #EP2014

May 25th marks not only European Paliament Election day but a ‘first time‘ for open data. The European Parliament is making a range of tools available to make it easier for the media to cover the European elections on 25 … Continue reading

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April Fools’ #3: Twitter will cost $5 per month, if you use vowels!

Ok, this is great! According to Twitter, you’llmhave to pay $5/month to be able to tweet with all alphabet letters, otherwise… say farewell to vowels! Your next tweet may look like “Grt nws frm twttr!”. Trd th nw Twttr yt? … Continue reading

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Forget perfect computing accuracy: welcome Wrongulator!

Are you done with perfect calculation, computing? Does your math look boring? Grab a Wrongulator! A pocket calculator that will bring new life and fun into everyday calculus – and wrong results too! (Not recommended for economists)

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Why is 8-bit technology so important?

Nice post from Jason’s blog and a perfect question too: why is 8-bit technology so important these days? Simply put because it’s where we all come from! The most common 8-bit CPUs of the time included the Intel 8088 (used … Continue reading

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Facebook wall street debut – update – price rebounds around $ 40

1:48 PM update, right now, Facebook stocks [FB] is around 40.47 (+ 6.50%).

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Facebook Wall Street debut: stock price stumbles after high-end expectations

Almost a live update about the most expected Wall Street debut of all times: Facebook IPO. After really high expectations, Facebook’s stock price (Nasdaq: FB) is stumbling. Update: right now it’s 40.92 (up to +7,68 %) The inauspicious opening suggests … Continue reading

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Social Media TV Charts: who wins, who loses, where are TV viewers heading to?

Mashable reports with this cool infographics about Social TV trends and charts what happened in a middle-March week in the Social TV arena [Via Mashable]

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Academy Awards 2012: who won? Actors? Actresses? Movies? No, social media!

Ok, I do think Meryl Streep deserved her 2012 Oscar as well all the other folks on the red carpet… as I wrote yesterday there’s another big winner even though it’s not holding an Oscar. Actually, the real winner this … Continue reading

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