The Facebook iOS app, Apple and the HP TouchPad: a story of war and peace…

Mashable reports on two really interesting news:
– a supposedly would-be war between Facebook and Apple about the now defunct HP TouchPad and a dedicated Facebook app (that never was),
– the upcoming (and much awaited) Facebook iPad app, that should be unveiled by next Tuesday.

facebook ipad app

Facebook and Apple, united by a common interest in beating Google, will finally put their differences aside to launch the long-overdue Facebook for iPad app Tuesday.

We also expect announcements on a new Facebook for iPhone application, a Facebook HTML5 mobile app platform, and perhaps even Facebook integration in iOS 5.

This all marks a significant leap forward in the sometimes hostile Facebook and Apple relationship. It began well when Apple first set up an Apple Students group on Facebook in 2006 — “a monster success” for both companies, according to a source who spoke with Mashable on the condition of anonymity.

Check here for the Facebook-HP-Apple story and here for the Facebook iOS app.

[Via Mashable]

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