Yin Yang Firewire 800 adapter: pricey but useful

yin yang sonnet firewireBelieve it or not, even the MacBook Pro is not perfect.
In its latest 4 incarnations it gained a Firewire 800 port, losing the (aged, but still usable) Firewire 400 port.

Anyway, I’ve got a FW 400 cam and a LaCie FW 800 hard disk: how to connect both in a FW chain?

Meet Sonnet’s Yin Yang it’s simple Firewire hub, pocket-sized although a bit pricey (US $ 69.95) but it gets the job done in a really cool way!
I love these solutions.
More info on Sonnet’s web site.

B plan? Use a LaCie 3-port hard disk (with dual FW 800 that serves as a hub) + FW 400 + USB 2.0.

Update: the Yin Yang it’s now available on Amazon with a substantial savng at US $ 47.

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