iPad + Lutron: total home control, energy saving and some Green attitude too!

The iPad is cool because of applications such as Lutron‘s new RadioRA 2 control system.
With the app, now available on iTunes for $19.99, owners of the RadioRA 2 can control their system from afar (say, on vacation) and put their home into “green” mode by turning off unneeded appliances.

The Lutron Home Control+ application allows you to control your RadioRA 2 or Homeworks QS lighting control system over a Wi-Fi network with the convenience of the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.


iPad only:

  • Quickly access multiple system features in one place with the HomeGlance screen. Available features include: a favorite keypad, a list of favorite lighting and shade zones, timeclock mode (requires RadioRA 2 version 4.0 or higher), and temperature overview (coming soon)
  • Easily edit the light and shade levels programmed to keypad buttons and timeclock events in real time using the Level Editor (RadioRA 2 only, HWQS support coming soon)
  • Save energy without comprimising performance using “Green” buttons (RadioRA 2 only)
  • View and edit timeclock events on the Schedules screen (requires RadioRA 2 version 4.0 and higher)

iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch:

  • View and adjust light and shade levels throughout your home
  • Control system keypads including button feedback and raise/lower controls
  • Manage multiple RadioRA 2 and Homeworks QS systems in the same app.

    The RadioRA control application (and others like it) is certainly the future in home automation.

    More readings about iPad green attitude available here on Mashable!

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