1 million Facebook fans are worth a 911 GT3 R Hybrid, the Porsche way to say thank you.

porsche facebookSome brands simply don’t need that much social marketing momentum – maybe.

Porsche (both cars and brand) doesn’t need much advertising and is quite used to run fast – even by Facebook standards.

So it was no surprise to me when I read that its official Facebook fan page reached blazingly fast the one million fan mark and Porsche decided to thank this fandom by putting as much names as possible on a brand new 911, a hybrid one – that’s right now you can run fast and be eco-savy!
Actually only 27,000 Porsche-holic were lucky enough to get their names on this beauty: after all it’s a 911, not a truck!
As for design concerns, even the white and blue colors used resemble the Facebook-esque look&feel.

Look at the timelapse video below (I love timelapse videos).
It shows a crew of Porsche folks painstakingly detailing a brand new 911 GT3 R Hybrid with names — one million names, to be exact, of Porsche’s Facebook fans.

The Facebook GT3 will be on display as a special exhibit at the Porsche Museum through February 20.
Want to see if your name is one of the lucky ones to make onto this beauty?
Click Porsche’s “Thank you” microsite and the Facebook Porsche fan page: right now it reached a staggering 1,3 million fans!

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