Inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing – a comic strip approach

Inbound marketing is more effective than traditional outbound marketing methods because you aren’t interrupting people to get their attention, with emails, cold calls, commercials, and so on.
With inbound marketing through the Web, you are supposed to be creating create a (hopefully) useful, informative website and let visitors find and come to you.

Conversely, outbound marketing involves getting traffic to your site from ads campaign (namely: Google Adsense or Facebook), mail bombing, spamming or any other white-hat trick.

Here comes a funny (yet thought-provoking) way to describe inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing – comic strip-style.

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  1. Marco says:

    Ma l’importante è: chi ha guadagnato di più, alla fine?
    Puoi anche avere un conto che non ci sta nella vignetta, ma se alla fine hai guadagnato più del “conto zero”… non fare quella faccia!

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