HP 12C turns 30 years old: Wall Street Journal celebration of a venerable calculator

HP 12C, the Wall Street-oriented calculator, turns 30… and counting!
WSJ reports on this time achievement and comments 12C it’s “diabolical”!

Oddly enough HP 12C, without any wireless connection, not even an infrared-printer output, is still so popular among financial experts.
It’s simple, so rugged and reliable that even the iPhone app (even though well done) can’t match the real thing!
It’s amazing that, just like all other pocket calculators from HP, users report they’ve never been prompted for battery replacement – in years, and that’s an issue so critical these days when all our techno-family keeps on crying for a power outlet to recharge!

The HP 12C’s functions include all the basics–such as calculating APR, NPV, and IRR–and statistics are a snap. For students new to financial calculators, this is an excellent place to start. For the most part, the manual reads like a minitextbook, walking you through sample problems and situations followed by graphs and tables demonstrating the technique–and you can even check your results. The section on creating programs does seem to be written for the technically ignorant, addressing in detail how you could possibly benefit from using programs, but it’ll still help you get the job done.

I remember my first HP programmable calculator (and HP-28C back in 1988) and have been in love with RPN toys since then.
I even witnessed the ‘fight’ between Texas Instruments AOS and RPN fanatics in the early 80s.
My collection include a HP 41CV (along with a lot of accessories), a HP 35, HP 32IIS and a huge “portable” HP 75C… check pictures some here.

Check HP Museum’s page on HP 12C for full details on this small piece of financial history!

It’s available now on Amazon for less than $70…

[Via WSJ]

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