The really green (solar-powered) wireless desktop keyboard: Logitech k750

I love all things wireless, except when it comes to keeping them powered up.
I’m always worrying that I’d run out of battery juice at the worst possible moment.
But a solar rechargeable keyboard?
Now this is a first. I must take a look.

Meet the Logitech k750, a solar rechargeable keyboard which means it’s always got a charge (even indoors).
Fear of energy shortage? Top mounted on/off switch and check light are useful and nice touches.
Its look is very sleek and the keyboard itself gives a good typing feeling.
There’s even a Logitech Solar App (Windows only), but it’s only required if you want to geek out on your charge status.

On the downside, there’s no on-keyboard caps lock indicator and, although the K750 works on a Mac, I wish they made a Mac-specific version since not all FuNctions are available (namely Exposè) to Mac users.

It’s a nice new entry and a welcome green-trendy tool and its street price is under $60!

More info available here, Logitech K750 buying options and prices available here.

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