The dark side of designers’ job – and consultants too: clients got (weird) talent

clients from hellThere’s a blog I go to every now and then to check out how my own job and my life are so wonderful: it’s Clients from Hell.
It’s a collection of post from anonymous (!) designers telling horror stories about clients and customers gone crazy.
You can clearly see when it’s the right moment to say NO, to drop a job, to leave the client with his/her own ideas (mostly crazy) and when there’s no more to say – besides “pay me and go to hell”.

I’m not perfect, but sometimes I find myself fighting against infinite stupidity, people unwilling to pay and so-called super-experts.

The Clients from Hell collection has become even a book – a great educational tool.
I guess this blog should be part of a complete educational path for everyone willing to enter the brave new world of consultancy, web design, software design – even a plumber…

Note: I’d really love if clients, not just mine, were able to read Clients from Hell and understand the pain, the humour and the anger they’re generating…

A few quotations?

We need an iPhone application, but it has to be nicely designed. Best use Flash.

Hold on, you’re losing me. Is Dreamweaver a book or something?

CLIENT: I want my email address to be
ME: You don’t own Your domain is [long domain name]
CLIENT: Ok, then make it
ME: The part of the email address after the “at” sign has to be [long domain name] You have to include [long domain name] in your email address.
CLIENT: Oh! I get it, sorry. Make it [long domain name] then.

I can’t watch the video you sent me cause it’s mp4. Can you send it in mp3?

Check the web site and their great book Clients From Hell too!

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