Grey Goose vodka advertisement on Wired: the switch from web site to Facebook page

Grey Goose vodka has strong brand and product identity – not to mention the vodka itself.

The last Wired printed issue has a gorgeous two-page ad with very few words.
I spotted a little difference, though, and have been checking online for some evidence.
Since 2005, the usual web site url has moved from the usual company’s web site to a more social-aware URL: a Facebook page, that is.

Does it mean something that a company so renowned and a youngster appeal switches to a Facebook page instead of capitalising on its own web site?
Maybe it’s just part of a short-term social media strategy, but its payoff may lie in the 325,000+ users who liked the page.

Here are three examples taken from the advertisement time machine, showing even a middle 2010 Facebook page/app for the Lemonade Recipe.

Back in 2005:

Fast forward to 2010:

… in 2011, Le Citron ad

New SEO rules? Is (printed) advertising at last aware of social networks?
Who knows.
In the meantime, grab a vodka…

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