Rubik’s cube cracked by a Samsung Galaxy S II – in less than the fastest human

How much does it takes to you solve Rubik’s cube?

I remember I solved it a few times but for sure not in the 5.66 seconds it took to set the previous Rubik’s solving record by an australian guy.

Enter Rubik’s solving 2011-style!

Take a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S II, gorgeous LEGO Mindstorms NXT gear – aptly assembled, some great CubeStormer II software and go!

The Galaxy beats humans by putting all colors on the dreaded cube in a mere 5.352 seconds…
Not fast enough?

Adding insult to injury, human solvers are actually allowed to study the cube before the clock starts. But the CubeStormer II’s time includes the mere moments it needed to look it over.

What really thrills me, is the amazing combination of hardware, the Galaxy, the Mindstorm and its actuators, and the great software that recognizes – via the built-in camera – the cube faces colours and placement and gives hint to the robotic twisters to get a zippy solution!

Simply great!

[Via Gizmodo]

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