Math lessons and e-learning support on Facebook? Students in Venice, Italy, say ‘I LIKE IT’!

Matemates University Venice Facebook 2011 StefanoPaganini.comFacebook turned into e-learning support in Venice: a great case study where Math lessons meet social networks – and students too!

For sure it’s not the first time I read about Facebook being leveraged as a learning-support tool in university (or college-grade classes as well).

This time, the news come from Italy (some pride about it intended), Cà Foscari University where a Facebook Page is being used as a great – and easy – learning support tool.

Professor Paolo Pellizzari built the Matemates Page, which is now used by more than 400 first-grade students, at first as a common repository of lessons hours, book list, bibliography, and then a full-featured place where students can interact, question and – definitely – learn about math lessons in a completely new way.

As reported by local newspaper Corriere del Veneto, Professor Pellizzari stated that “shy students may take advantage of the Facebook community and participate in lessons’ activities”.

A questionnaire, available here, shows which level the users (AKA students) engagement has reached:

  • 80% thought the page was useful and thinks that Facebook is an innovative learning tool
  • 55% answered that the Facebook Page is “a quantum leap” regarding conventional learning
  • 37% even said that this tool may get them better grades (!)

A great way to leverage Facebook as more than just a social game.

Social learning anyone?

[Via (italian language only) and Matemates]

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