2011: a video summary of the whole year as seen through Twitter – and the growth of Twitter itself too!

twitter 2011Jeremiah Warren. has come up with a brilliant round up of the biggest stories in 2011 via Twitter.

If 2011 is to be considered the year of Social Media, Twitter is, for sure, the star of all Social Networks.

Most conventional media, TV and newspapers, relied on Twitter to tell most of the events that occurred in 2011 – often gasping while late, compared to the blazing speed of Tweets.

My personal picks:

  • Arab spring has shown the true power of user-generated media – and then some lessons about authority unable to control it
  • Japan’s earthquake and subsequent nuclear crisis has shown how deep environmental concern can get help from social media to engage people
  • History’s irony: Gheddafi end was Tweeted using .LY url shortening services – that’s the Lybian country domains or TLDs
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