Photography: according to Trey Ratcliff DSLRs are dead, 3rd gen cameras will survive…

mirrorless dumped dslrTrey Ratcliff is best known for his site, which has become the #1 Travel Photography Blog on the internet.

In his latest post, DSLRS ARE A DYING BREED – 3RD GEN CAMERAS ARE THE FUTURE, he’s predicting the end of DSLR photography as we know it.

3rd gen cameras, namely mirrorless, Evil ILC, micro four thirds, etc… will rule in the near future, according to Trey’s vision.

In a nutshell, there’s nothing that can’t be done on a Sony NEX5 that you’ve been used to shoot with a Nikon D3…
You may or you may not agree with him…
He even disputes about the incorrect naming mirrorless and 3rd generation digital cameras.

Gearheads talk too much about the tech, and it simply confuses the common man. The “3rd” bit pays homage to the first generation – those innovative but weak first forays into digital. It also puts all the current DSLRs into the “2nd Generation Cameras,” since that’s when digital photography really got its legs under it. Heck, even most of the old-school film curmudgeons have crossed the Rubicon. To think that DSLRs with gesticulating mirrors and spinning gears are the future is to have one’s head in the sand.

Video: Watch this video below by Scoble, and jump ahead to 35:25 to see Trey Ratcliff talk about this new generation of cameras.

I guess that mirrorless cameras and electronic viewfinders digital cameras are somehow the future, just like my 2006 Fuji Finepix S9600 bridge camera.

A DSLR, though, retains a different shooting ability – an unbiased optical viewfinder that will never fake reality…

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