Shopping with QR Code in the Korean subway: Tesco Home plus’ innovative marketing+selling concept

homeplus virtual store with qr codeLooks like Koreans work really hard and are so busy that they have little time to go shopping… for food!

Looks like Home plus, the Korean subsidiary of grocery chain Tesco (actually #2 in S.Korea), has found a smart & innovative solution to this problem.
In the process, they even managed to increase sales without increasing stores – thus becoming #1 – at least online.

Their marketing statement/idea: “Let the store come to the people“.

Home plus covered subway stations with billboards resembling the stores’ departments with their full range of products and creating virtual stores almost everywhere in the subway path.

The smart part of it?
All products pictures are accompanied by QR Codes so, pop up your smartphone, point&shoot that QR Code and the product is delivered at your home!
Subway waiting time turned into shopping time!

The numbers of new registered users rose by 76%, online sales increased by 130%.

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