USA house life 2.0: Internet is perceived as a basic utility, a research report says.

us household connected to internetAmericans probably can’t unplug themselves these days from Internet – sort of.
What is Internet like in everyday life in the USA? What has become Internet connection within households – and mobile too?
Here comes a pretty interesting research that outlines how much important has become being connected even in these days of economic downturn and crisis.

Winter seems to have finally remembered that it has somewhere to be this year — here — so it’s time to dig the space heater out of the closet and get your warm on. Or, at least, that’s what you’d expect people to do in light of the arrival of frigid climes but it turns out keeping the heat on might not be as high as it once was on the list of people’s priorities this winter.

Unless, that is, most people would prefer to huddle around their electronic devices to steal the warmth off of their over-worked processors because, given how people are spending their money on household services these days, that may be what they resort to this year.

internet study usa

iYogi, a research initiative that examines the technology issues of today, has conducted a study that found that, among the 1100 people surveyed, 63% of people spend almost 35% more on technology bills than utility bills. For the purposes of this study, the services filed under the “technology bills” category are Internet Service Provider bills, mobile communication services, and multimedia services (cloud storage, subscriptions to Netflix-like services, etc.).

internet usa study

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