Facebook growth rate: quicker than a (social) ray of light – and almost a nation on itself

Following yesterday Facebook’s filing for IPO – and all the consequent hype about this, let’s look at what’s really behind the Facebook business.

According to this infographic from Fusioncharts:

  • every 8 seconds people from everywhere in the world sign in to Facebook,
  • Facebook is an equal opportunity social nation: almost the same number of men and women,
  • female users are more active than male
  • 3/4 of all users are youngsters: aging 13 to 29,
  • Coca Cola, Starbucks and Disney are the most LIKEd brands in the world (ranging from 17 to 22 million fans),

Considering other conventional media, Facebook growth rate is amazing, at least: 9 months to reach its first 50 million users milestone; to reach the same goal, it took 38 years to Radio, 13 years to TV, 4 years to Internet and 3 (only) to the iPod.

facebook infographic growth

So, what’s more logical and better than considering Facebook as a nation?

facebook nation click for infographicThis infographic is quite old and not so updated, but its point of view is still living and gives a nice perspective to how much Facebook has evolved into a uber-national entity.

Its numbers are so overwhelming that it may well become a nation on its own – provided it can live with its own economy.

[Via Fusioncharts and Fliptop]

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