Nikon D800: the best DSLR yet – or the next ultimate video making tool?

nikon d800Nikon just released the Nikon D800, a professional full-frame DSLR with a staggering 36 megapixels resolution, an impressive features list and a tag price that’s high but definitely not unaffordable (if a $3,000 price tag doesn’t scare you).

Its resolution alone overshadows most other DSLR around (including high-end Nikons) and arch-competitor Canon DSLRs.

Not only does the D800 replace the (now) older D700 in the more affordable less-than-top full-frame DSLR area, it’s already building a strong reputation as a videomaker’s dream.
Core technologies borrowed from the over-the-top Nikon D4, FX lenses, combined with its light body and 1080p video shooting have already produced some great result.

Here comes a video shooted completely with D800s – and with some compelling backstage footage too.

A film by Sandro shot with the Nikon D800.

Director: Sandro
Editor: Alaster Jordan / Whitehouse
Music: Yessian
Production: Cap Gun

Joy Ride from Sandro on Vimeo.

Behind the Scenes video of “Joy Ride” directed by Sandro for the Nikon D800.

Joy Ride – Behind the Scenes from Sandro on Vimeo.

The Nikon D800 will be available in March.

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