Scale of the Universe: an interactive educational tutorial to almost everything

I love this Flash interactive animation!
Aptly named The Scale of The Universe, allows you to see the whole universe – in all its scale from the tiniest particle ever up to the whole universe.
It’s a journey in science, cosmology and education like nothing else.
I just wish all educational tools were like this!
Hint: you can use the arrow keys to step back and forward.

From the smallest possible unit of distance (known as the Planck Length) to the other reaches of space and the universe and everything inbetween, this amazing tool gives you a small idea of the incredible scale of the universe. Fascinating for any biologist, chemist, physicist, atronomer, cosmologist, science student or simply anyone who marvels at our insignificance in the grand scale of things.

Great job and kudos to creators Cary and Michael Huang (AKA the Huang Twins).
Be sure to check all of their works!
Of course don’t miss the Scale of the Universe 2!

[Please note that’s a Flash animation – bad luck iPad/iPhone users…]

[Via Huang Twins]

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