Social TV: ConnecTV announces March Madness: basketball will never be the same – social

I love Social TV!

I guess it’s the next big thing putting together all tech stuff: mobile + social media + TV.

social tv

USA Social TV company ConnecTV, has announced its March Madness line-up of innovative content features for the biggest month in college basketball sports television – including a custom Final Four “blind pool” multi-player game, deep real-time play-by-play sports statistics, a “time-out” detector to fill action lulls with compelling information, a “go back” function to see previous plays, along with seamless social integration that lets “view-sers ” share the greatest game moments with friends across the social-sphere. The free ConnecTV app for iPad is available from the Apple App Store or directly from for Macs and PCs.

[Via AppMarketTV]

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