SEO is dead, long live good content curation and Social PR – says Forbes

is SEO dead marketing content curation Stefano PaganiniKen Krogue on Forbes just posted an article that will for sure ignite polemic flaming on the ‘Net.
He reports Adam Torkildson, one of the top SEO consultants in Utah and one of the best in the country told him that SEO (Search Engine Optimization, as we know it) will be dead in two years, thanks to Google Penguin algorithm and similar initiatives.

A strong statement that Krogue enforce by quoting Torkildson:

Google used to think if you linked to someone on the Internet they must have valuable content. Now Google seems to believe that if you promote content with social media it is more indicative of relevant content and less likely to be faked. Though many point out social can be faked as well.

The bottom line is that all external SEO efforts are counterfeit other than one:

Writing, designing, recording, or videoing real and relevant content that benefits those who search.

If you generate content and place it all over the web promoting and linking to your specific content, it is obviously fake. (And that is basically a big part of the history of the SEO industry, both black and white.)

So, the base line for everybody on internet is just about writing no-nonsense, valuable, original content, provide content curation and so as much as possible Social PR on Facebook, Twitter and newcomers such as Pinterest.

Do you agree?

[Via Forbes]

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