Shopping Center Westfield London offers Wi-Fi… and (almost) free mobile phone charging!

london westfield mobile phones free charge wifi stefano paganiniLondon looks like the center of the universe, these days, thanks to London 2012 Olympic Games.

Here comes a tiny news bit that shows how much technology can help/extend shopping experience.

Shopping Center Westfield London sports some 312 (!) stores… and they do leverage technology and internet with online initiatives and Twitter hashtags just like #IWasThere

Obviously, by providing some basic information you get free Wi-Fi connection across within the shopping center: this seems very normal as of 2012.

Looking for something new?
I came across a photo on their Facebook page, though, that shows a Vodafone-branded mobile phone charger.

That’s cool: if you give customers the ability to tweet, post on Facebook and Pinterest zillions of products in such a huge store for a long time (do girls get out of a shopping center in less than 5 hours 😉 ), they’re supposed to drain their mobile toys’ batteries.

No more details: from the Facebook comments it’s unclear if the service it’s free or requires £1.50 (as one user states); moreover looks like your cellphone gets locked, you get a locker key and no more than 30 minutes charging (maybe, later, the £1.50 gets refunded).

Anyway, It looks at a really premium service to customers: sometimes you just need a little energy to keep your iPhone alive and tweeting.

I guess there’s a nifty business idea behind this: wireless connection is so widespread, why shouldn’t device charging?

Is there something similar for all the tourists and Olympics Games fans that are seizing London this days?

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