Older Airport Express is unsupported Airport Utility under Mountain Lion? No problem, get this fix!

Airport Express Utility Mountain Lion Stefano PaganiniI still use my old (1st-gen) Airport Express with all my Wi-Fi stuff.
I bought it back in 2004 when it was first released, and never regretted purchasing it.

Now, in 2012, it’s Mac OS X Lion and Mountain Lion time, but no longer is supported by Mac OS X 10.8.x operating system.
Moreover, it tells you the unsupported Airport Express needs the 5.6 Airport Utility available here, on Apple Support.

Download it, install it and…
Bad luck! It doesn’t work under Mountain Lion or Lion!

So what? Is the beloved Airport Express doomed?

Not at all!
You may not know Frank Tisellano, but if you’ve this problem you may be grateful to him: he wrote a great post about getting back to work the older Airport Utility, along with an Automator Workflow that will extract automatically the 5.6.1 AU and get you running very quickly.


  • Download the Airport Utility 5.6.1
  • Download the Automator Workflow (you’ll have to unzip it once you download it)
  • Drag and drop the AirPortUtility5.6.1.dmg icon over the AirPort Utility Extractor.app
  • Wait for a while and… look into the Desktop folder: you’ll find an Airport Utility.app waiting for you!

Let me add that I renamed this file as Old Airport Utility.app to keep it separated from the newer one, just in case…

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