From 128 Megabytes to 256 Gigabytes in less than 9 years: a USB-drive story

Can’t remember when I first bought my first USB pendrive.
I presume it was something like a 256 Megabytes, acting as an MP3 player and costing some 70 euros (about 90 USD).

Back then, it seemed as a lot of space available and so comfortable to bring along with you.

USB 256 Gigabyte hard drive

Enter Summer 2013.

I’ve been given a brand new 256 Gigabytes USB pendrive from a friend: it’s a no-brand, made in China and very low-cost (about 9.95 euros).

Check the photo: it’s compared to a colleague’s 128 Megabytes old pendrive.

This is how far IT and storage has gone: 1.000 times the storage in less than 10 years (and about 1/7th the price)!

So funny, today cloud storage and ubiquitous wireless connection has made less convenient USB drives swapping for almost everyone.

What am I going to do with this hefty USB drive? It’s going to be a perfect companion to my trusted Raspberry Pi! Small server with huge storage!

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